Austin Clowns

One thing that cannot be overstated is how much the world of children's birthday parties have changed. It wasn't too long ago that there was no renting of party venues. There would be no special characters showing up and putting on a show for the guest of honor and all of the guests. Birthday parties used to consist of some games, a piece of cake and opening the presents. Not any more. Now, the search is on for the best form of entertainment. And as we said, they are numerous. But to be honest, we feel that you just can't outdo having a fun and professional clown at a birthday party. A great clown will take your party from something ordinary to something spectacular. And here is the kicker. Depending on the specific clown you hire, you could be getting some other talents like face painting, balloon twisting or even some magic tricks. It will be up to you to seek out the type of clown you are looking for. We recommend doing a bit of research first and find out what kinds of activities various clowns are capable of and then determine which of those activities you are interested in. Also, talk with your son or daughter and find out what interests them. They may really love balloon twisting. In that case, you would want to search for a clown that is really good at that particular skill. Don't worry if you have never conducted a search like this before, we are here to help you. We have put together this guide to help you search throughout the Austin area for quality candidates and then to target the perfect match for your child and their birthday party.

The best way to begin your search for clown candidates is to tap into the power of the world wide web. Do a search for “clowns in the Austin area.” Check out the websites that come back from your search and take a close look at the skills each one has to offer. Read their bio page for the amount of experience they have. And take a look at their online portfolio page to see if you can envision the candidate at your special birthday party. Also, make sure that you chat with your family, friends and coworkers about any clowns that they may have seen in action or even hired. This is a great opportunity to get a reference from people that you trust. Once you have at least 3 to 5 clowns to check out, call each one up and check to make sure they are available for your party. Once you have been assured of this, setup some interviews.

Get ready to ask some very specific questions during each interview. Find out how long they have been a clown. How long does their performance last? Do they hang around and entertain on a more individual basis? What kind of services do they offer? For instance, if you are interested in someone twisting balloons and doing magic tricks, then now id the time to clarify that this is what they can offer. You definitely want to ask for references. And make sure that you follow through with the references to see how the candidate performed for past customers. What is their personality like? How much do they charge for their services? When you have narrowed down your search to a particular candidate, make sure you conduct a background check. If all checks out, it will be time to hire your favorite clown.