Austin Magicians

If you want your child's next birthday party to be absolutely phenomenal, then you need to hire a spectacular magician. Believe us when we tell you that the kids will be absolutely amazing and floored by what they see and experience if you get the right magician. A magician will take the normal party and make it a unique and dare we say it, a magical experience. One of the great things about magic at a kid's birthday party is that the act will draw in every type of personality. Even those kids who like to stay on the fringe and tend not to get involved will be riveted to every move the magician makes. Also, as an added bonus, there are magicians out there who will provide unique magic related party favors to all of the kids who attend the party. If this doesn't sound like a win-win, we don't know what does. So, hopefully we have convinced you that a magician is the best way to go because you haven't lived until you have watched a group of kids react to a professional magician. One word of warning here though, do not take it for granted that everyone who calls themselves a magician is a true professional who will entertain the kids to the highest degree possible. To make sure of that, you need to comb the Austin area for high quality candidates. This guide will help you to not only do that but it will also equip you to know how to identify the best possible magician to make your birthday party truly special.

Your first act will be to find some quality magicians in your area. You can't use a magic wand for that. So, we suggest that you tap into the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “professional magicians in the Austin area.” You should get a number of candidates back to check out. Your best bet is to start perusing the websites and read up on each performer's experience and expertise. You want to look for mention of show geared toward children. It should take too long before you make a decision as to whether a specific magician is worth checking out further. If you decide that they are, then make sure that you record their information. Also, don't hesitate to talk to your family, friends and coworkers about magicians they may have seen or hired. This is a great source because it comes with a built-in recommendation. Once you have assembled a list, check with each candidate to see if they have your date open on their calendar. Once you get an affirmative on this, it will be time to setup an interview to find out if this is the perfect match for your party.

There are some must ask questions you will want to throw out to each candidate that you interview. Start by talking about their experience. We cannot stress this enough, the more experience a candidate has the better. Talk a bit about whether they specialize in performing for kids. Keep in mind that performing magic for kids and performing for adults are two very different animals. How long is do they perform? Will they hang around after the performance and do some one on one entertaining? How much do they charge for their services? Make sure they carry liability insurance. This is often overlooked by many that seek a magician. Once you have finished with all of your interviews, it will be time to make a choice and with all of the information you have gathered, we believe you are ready to hire the perfect match for your party.