Austin Party Venues

So, you have been planning your child's birthday party for weeks but you still can't seem to nail down what kind of venue you should have the party at. The anticipation is growing to a crescendo and everyone is super excited about the possibilities. A lot is riding on you locating the perfect venue. We highly recommend that you skip the usual places like a pizza place or bowling alley and try something really different. Knowing where the party should be truly starts with knowing what the theme of the party is going to be. For this, you need to talk to your son or daughter. Have a chat about what they are interested in, what they really like to do. We realize that you probably know this already but it is a great idea to involve your child in the process. For instance, maybe they really like a certain Disney character and they would like role play in a fantasy land. There are venues that cater to this sort of thing. Or maybe your child is super active and likes to jump and run around constantly. That might call for a venue that provides a number of bounce houses and gymnastics opportunities. It all just depends. But once you have your theme, the key will be to search the Austin area for quality venues that match your theme. We would love to help you with your search so we have put together this guide. It will help you in locating candidates and in renting the venue that will have everyone smiling.

So, you have a them nailed down. How do you go about finding venues that match? Well, we suggest that you start by harnessing the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “party venues for theme in Austin area.” Replace the word theme with the theme that you and your child came up with. Start clicking on the links that you get back and peruse the websites. When you see a venue that knocks your socks off, make note of them as you start keeping a list of potential venues. You also should talk to your family, friends and coworkers about any venues that they have experienced and if you get rave reviews of one that you believe would fit with your theme, by all means add the name to your list. Once you have a pretty good working list put together, call up each venue and ask for a day and time that you could come by for a tour and to chat about the possibilities.

When you visit a venue, make sure the staff gives you a full tour as you talk about what can and what cannot be done. Pay attention to the setup of the venue and consider how many kids and adults will be at your party. Is the space that the venue has a private space or shared? This is up to you in terms of how much privacy you want for your party, but keep in mind if the space is shared you will need to make sure that more adults are on hand to supervise the kids. Are you allowed to bring in decorations and make the room festive? Does the venue provide anything in the way of food and drink and if not, can you bring in your own? What if you want to bring in your own entertainer? Do they carry liability insurance? Will there be staff there supervising any and all activities or does that fall to you and the other parents? What if one of the kids damages anything at the venue? Remember, this is your time to ask anything you are concerned about, there truly are no stupid questions. After all of your visits, you should be able to hone in on the venue you like best.