When people call for San Antonio Party Buses and they want prices. It should be noted that the price of our vehicles fluctuates on a day to day basis and on top of that, the price changes from season to season. This is standard in the industry and unfortunately there's no way around. Think of it like a hotel or a car rental facility. The prices change depending on a lot of factors so it asking for a price is an almost impossible question to answer without any more information.

Usually when we start the conversation, our customer service department will ask you the date and time that you plan on using party bus service. This helps us considerably because we can narrow it down to a window of about a week's worth of prices as the dates generally fluctuate. After that, we can give you a rough estimate after we have a few more key points about your service.

Once you tell us the date and time, the only other major piece of information that we need from you is how many people you plan on attending your function that need transportation. This can help determine the size of the vehicle that you need. There's no sense in us quoting an 9 passenger limo when you have 28 people that need a party bus. Follow our point?

Once we have all of that information, we encourage you to shop around. As always, we will match any price for any vehicle of equal quality. Also, we not only allow, but we encourage you to come in and look at our party buses. We want you to know exactly what you're getting well in advance to when you actually need party bus service from us.