Is smoking allowed in the vehicles?

I'm sorry, but we don't allow smoking in any of our vehicles. This helps us keep our costs low by reducing the extra cleaning costs associated with allowing smoking in vehicles. Your driver will be more than happy to pull over for any smoke and/or bathroom breaks whenever you request them.

How many hours can I book a party bus for?

You can book a party bus for as long as you want! As long as you book service with enough notice, we can be sure that our driver is well rested for the occasion and you'll be able to get to and from your destination with ease. We understand that things get delayed or run behind so we allow you to pay your driver for any minor overages so you don't have to obsess about the clock, but longer outings will require extra preparations.

How many people can fit inside of the your party bus?

Well the laws in Texas require that we have 14 inch seating width which means the seats do tend to run a little small. If you need to move 24 people, we suggest a bus that fits 28 to ensure an ample amount of room. The seating designations are strictly for the maximum legally allowed number of passengers. Weddings for example may want to size up even larger to accommodate for dress sizes.

Can we bring food and drink aboard?

Absolutely. Riding in a party bus from San Antonio Party Bus is all about comfort and if you're hungry or thirsty, we suggest you bring food and drink aboard! As always cleaning fees may apply for spillage or staining. We recommend avoiding items with food coloring as they run a high risk of leaving stains when spilled.

How many stops can we have during our service?

Unlimited stops barring your pick-up and drop off locations are the same. The night is yours! We're just part of it! If you want to stop, let us know. Your driver will find the nearest restroom or chosen destination that can accommodate the bus parking.